Want to learn more about climate change?

by Kasra Hassani @Kasra_Ha

As wildfires rage across BC and water advisories are announced by authorities, we are experiencing the impact of climate change on our daily life more than ever before. Climate change is no longer a worry of the future, or a negligible and intangible increase in average temperature; it can cause devastating extreme weather situations, cost a lot of money, displace people, and even claim lives.

There is hope among all the doomsday predictions, but only if we act now. Fortunately, the promise of a global disaster can unite humans and galvanize us to change our ways of life and overcome the challenge that threatens our existence. Climate change provides us with an opportunity to move towards sustainable energy and business solutions and embrace environmental protection as the means for our own survival.

Want to learn more about climate change, how it impacts our environment and our health, and how we can fight it? Visit Central Branch or your local VPL branch for some ideas. In the meantime, here are some lists we recommend.

Learning about climate change and its impacts:

What we can do: