Stay at Home and Read a Book Ball

It is my great pleasure to cordially invite you to our 22nd annual Stay at Home and Read a Book Ball! Each year Friends of the Vancouver Public Library like you curl up with a great book and dive into new worlds of romance, mystery, adventure, and more—all from the comfort of your home. Whether your ballroom attire (real or imagined) is a pair of pajamas, a space suit, a gown, or flippers and snorkel; your imagination transforms this evening into a celebration of creativity and fun like no other!

That ability to imagine other places and possible futures is what makes your support of the Vancouver Public Library so important—you understand how to transform the world around us to create these places and possibilities.

Just last year your support helped us to fund important programs like the Writer in Residence and new puppet theatres and story time seating that helped children, families, and adults to stretch their imaginations and dream about new futures for themselves and others. Whether you’re new to Canada, or have ancestry dating back thousands of years, these programs are what makes our community diverse, friendly, and inclusive.

To help inspire you on your journey to imagine a better future together, we’ve asked four guests of honour to share their favourite books from 2017. We hope that you enjoy them and will consider supporting the Friends of the Vancouver Public Library so that we can make your dreams and ideas possible!


Ann True
Friends of the Vancouver Public Library

Recommendations from our Guests of Honour