Donations and Fundraising 2014

Each year VPL staff submit projects for funding. The Board of the Friends reviews the requests and make recommendations to Friends members. These recommendations are voted on at the annual general meeting.

Allocation of Funds for 2014:

Description Amount
Central Writer in residence $7,750
Central Writing and Book Camp $2,500
Southwest Branches Labour and marketing / publicity hours – ebook training at branches $1,000
Furniture and Major Supplies
Central Carpet for preschool play area $500
System-wide Presentation easels x 12 (FHL, OAK, MAR, STR, HAS, MPL, CHA, COL, BRI, REN, JFS, and SHL) $2,100
Kitsilano Furniture: 4 armchairs and 2 small tables $5,000
Joe Fortes Branch display furniture $2,200
Fraserview Stackable chairs for meeting room and storage dolly $2,000
Firehall Display unit $750
Marpole Storytime carpet and mats, display shelving unit, 2 tables $2,000
Britannia Puppet stage and puppets, storytime carpet, games $1,500
Kerrisdale Play and learn carpet and puppet theatre $1,000
nə́c̓aʔmat ct (Strathcona) Artwork $5,000
System-wide Children’s and Teen Services – Middle Years Team – board games $1,050
System-wide Children’s and Teen Services – Middle Years – Lego $650
Mount Pleasant Do It Yourself Programming (cameras and Xbox controllers and games) $1,500
Total Funding $36,500

In 2013, the Friends donated a total of $32,688 to support programming, book clubs and technology needs like iPads, laptops and space enhancements, for toddlers and teens. In 2012, donations totaled $47,305.26 and in 2011, $53,319.00.