Donations and Fundraising 2022

Each year VPL staff submit projects for funding. The Friends Board reviews the requests and makes recommendations to all Friends members. These recommendations are voted on at the annual general meeting. In 2022, the following funding was approved by the membership and a description of each project can be found below the table.

Allocation of Funds for 2022:

Branch/Department Title Funds
Programming and Learning Writer in Residence – 2022 Residency $20,000
Children and Teen Services Teen Challenge $1,500
Children and Teen Services IBPOC Scholarships for Book Camp $3,000
Children and Teen Services Support for Book Camp $7,000
TOTAL $31,000

Descriptions of the sponsored projects:

  • Writer in Residence – 2022 Residency
    The VPL Writer in Residence program promotes Canadian writing and literature to Vancouver citizens. During the four-month residency, the writer spends 50% of their time working on their own project and 50% of their time mentoring emerging writers, conducting workshops, and participating in other activities and programs to share their experience with the community.
  • Teen Challenge
    A sustainability-themed rooftop summer kick-off event at the Central Library, including creative art, writing, social connection opportunities, and library tours. It will include honoraria for 2 summer art and writing workshops led by industry professionals (including Encanto animator Benson Shum and best-selling author of Saints and Misfits S.K. Ali). A meditative botanical embroidery workshop exploring how teen wellness and mental health are supported by creativity and nature. It will also cover snacks and prizes for an Outdoor Bike Maintenance 101 event featuring VPL’s new BiblioBike, in support of climate justice and sustainable travel across Vancouver’s communities and VPL branches.
  • IBPOC Scholarships for Book Camp
    This funding would cover 8 bursaries including lunch and transit passes for students who would otherwise not be able to attend Book Camp for financial reasons. Half of these bursaries would be dedicated to Indigenous youth. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need, with priority to students who experience barriers to accessing public programs, such as racism, ability, gender, or other intersecting identities.
  • Support for Book Camp
    This donation will cover core program expenses such as staffing, program supplies, the gala event where VPL celebrates the work of the campers, as well as the printing of the 2022 anthology.