Your Guide to a DIY Bookdrive

Do your friends or co-workers ever complain about having too many books? Help ease their burden by running your own book drive for Friends of the VPL!

The used book sales run by Friends volunteers depend on donations from folks like you and your friends. By collecting books for Friends and dropping them off at Central Library, you help the book sale remain stocked with an interesting and exciting mix of books. All proceeds from the sale go directly to the Vancouver Public Library to help fund deserving programs and updates.

Help support the VPL by organizing a drive! Not sure where to start? Follow the guide below.

  1. Pick a way to collect books and other materials
    Friends takes all sorts of materials, so don’t feel you need to limit yourself to books. Fiction, non-fiction, children’s and coffee table books (all languages), LPs, CDs and DVDs are accepted throughout the year.  LPs, CDs, & DVDs will find new homes. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept large encyclopedia sets, VHS tapes or audiotapes. Help gather books by and:
  • Put a box out: The classic and easy book drive. Put a box out where you live, work or volunteer.
  • Organize a book exchange: Like a clothing exchange, invite your friends to bring the books they would like to pass on. After your guests select a couple of books they’d like to read, the rest can be donated to Friends.
  • Lead a competition: Start an inter-office competition to see which team can donate more books. Remind participants only books and other materials in good condition will be counted
  • Get the party started: Have your friends or family over for a tea party, rave, curling watching party, birthday party or whatever you like to celebrate. Rather than a gift or food item, ask them to bring at least one used book to donate.
  1. Advertise
    Get the word out. Make a poster, create a facebook event or hand out invitations at your book club.
  1. Do it!
    Watch the books roll in. Resist the urge to read them all before donating.
  1. Tell us about it
    Let us know on social media about your event. Take some pictures and share how you collected donations for Friends. Tag Friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
  1. Drop off your books
    Smaller donations may be left at book’mark, The Library Store during regular store hours.Drop off large quantity donations on weekdays 10-4 at the Central Library’s shipping dock at the north end of 700 block Hamilton. Drive down the ramp and place donations on the left-hand loading dock. Please label “Friends.”For more info, please leave a message at 604-331-4049 or email