The VPL’s Unique Collections

Think you know everything about the VPL? Check out these unique collections available to everyone with a library card.

Book Club Book Sets: VPL has your book club’s needs covered. Rather than buying a book, sign out a set of 10 books for up to six weeks for your group. No club? No problem. The book club site also has links to other book clubs in B.C. as well as a guide to starting your own.

Seed Library: Four of the libraries branches (Carnegie, Kitsilano, Dunbar and Mount Pleasant) allow you to “borrow” and trade your seeds. Seed libraries can be found all around B.C. and the world.   These type of collections help keep seeds in the public domain and avoid the loss of more species of plants.

Zine Collection: Never heard of zines? VPL describes them as “handmade, underground publications that resemble little magazines or chapbooks.” Zines in the collection cover topics related to crafting, bike repair, legal issues, history, personal essays and even how to make your own zine. You can stay put at your computer to access this collection. The extensive online education site has thousands of courses, all available to you. There are courses on software, management, photography and even mediation. Want to try another site? You can access many other educational sites through VPL.

Musical Instruments: Over 17 types of instruments can be checked out at Central Branch. Book at the inspiration lab to record a jam session or even record your own podcast. Friends members have provided initial and ongoing support to the Inspiration Lab. Find out how you can support programs like this through donations to Friends.

Indigenous Collection: As part of the VPL’s commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation goals, every branch in the VPL has an Indigenous Collection. This means everyone, settlers and indigenous people, have immediate access to books related to the past and visions of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. Not sure where to start? Check in with the reference library.

Excited to visit or use a new collection? Share your comments below.