9 Ways to Live Your Best Hygge Life

As the long winter nights begin, many are finding comfort in simple pleasures like a warm drink, spending time with family or, a pleasure Friends members know well, settling down with a good book. If this is all a little new to you, have no fear, the Danish have been doing it for centuries and have perfected the art of the cozy night. They call it hygge and are happy to share what they know with us, according to the Danish Ambassador to Canada.

The word hygge is not a simple translation into English, but at the heart of the concept is finding happiness through comfort and coziness. Friends has rounded up nine simple ways for you to start living your best hygge life today:

  1. Dive into your favourite comfy clothes. Have a well-loved but very worn sweater? No worries, it’s your hygge sweater now.
  2. Make some baked goodies, partly for the smell and partly to enjoy.
  3. Start making your way through your tea stash.
  4. Turn on the radio. Yes, the real radio. Maybe you’ll hear a song or story you were not expecting.
  5. Light up a candle or just turn the lights down low.
  6. Make time to connect with a good friend. Warm someone else by phoning a friend or even writing them a letter.
  7. Blankets blankets blankets. Bonus, save on your heating bill.
  8. Unplug. Put your devices in another room.
  9. Finally, get inspired with books from the VPL’s collection, avaliable in many different languages: