Friends and the Zero Waste Centre Join Forces

Big news! Friends and the Vancouver Zero Waste Centre are working together to keep books out of the recycling bin. Every year Friends members and others in the community donate many books to the Friends Used Book Sale.  Friends can now reveal a new pilot location for book donations…at the City of Vancouver’s Zero Waste Centre (8588 Yukon Street) near the Vancouver Transfer station.

Now you can stop by the Centre and leave your books in good condition at the demo model, an initiative sculpture by Engineering Artist-in-Residence, Germaine Koh.  Made of upcycled materials from deconstructed buildings, the project wants you to consider how many materials could be upcycled into new buildings. It also does a great job of keeping book donations dry!

Donated books help fill the boxes for the Friends Used Book Sale and the mini used book sale at book’mark, the library store. Profits from these sales are donated to the Vancouver Public Library. By donating or buying books, you help support VPL programs.

Planning on making a trip to the Zero Waste Centre? Please follow the rules when donating books in the demo model:

  • Please only donate books that are in good condition
  • Place the donated books neatly on the shelves
  • Do not remove any books from the demo model premises
  • Be respectful of the space, vandalism and littering will not be tolerated.
  • No smoking, soliciting or loitering will be tolerated.

Friends is excited to help divert books from Vancouver’s waste streams.  Thanks to Germaine Koh, Zero Waste Centre Staff and the City of Vancouver for facilitating the collection of donations from visitors!

For other locations to donate books please see the Used Book page.