6 Things To Try If You Can’t Make It to the Library

Fall is coming and many members are getting ready for a quiet season staying cozy on the couch. The VPL is gradually reopening their branches, but some members may not be able to visit. No need to despair! Here are 6 ways to find your book bliss without a visit to the VPL.

  1. Check out an e-book or audiobook
    You don’t need a flashy tablet or specialized e-reader. You can access these books through VPL from many types of devices.
  2. Find a book-focused podcast
    Books are a prime topic for podcast discussions. Reread a book with the hosts or learn about some new books. Looking for suggestions? Everyone can find a few here:

  3. Borrow and lend through the little free libraries in Vancouver.
    If you are comfortable, borrow a book from the little libraries around you.
  4. Exchange books with a friend
    Your friends obviously have good taste. Why not ask if they have a good book they could lend you?
  5. Support your local independent book store
    If you are able, consider supporting some of the amazing little independent bookstores in Vancouver. If you are in downtown Vancouver, book’mark has an ever-changing selection of used books. Book’mark (and other retailers) may offer quick pick-ups to reduce your time in the store.
  6. Read to someone you know
    When is the last time you read to someone? Consider asking friends with kids or isolated friends if they would mind if you read to them. Find a schedule that works for both of you and do it regularly by phone or zoom. It’s a great way to bring a favourite book back to life and create some lasting memories.

Note: Some of these options include borrowing or exchanging books.  Please make sure to wash or sanitize your hands after touching books and let them sit for at least three days once you bring them home. There’s no due date, so why not wait a week to be on the safe side? Keep others healthy too. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have come in contact with someone with COVID-19, skip visiting public spaces and exchanging books unless a friend can drop something right to your door.

Although Friends volunteers and board members stay in touch with VPL staff, Friends of the Vancouver Public Library is an independent non-profit organization. If you are interested in learning more about the VPL’s phased reopening plan, please follow this link.